Publication support

Publishing your content needs expertise. It comes with experience and consistent effort and may cost your precious time. Moreover, only devoting time may not ensure the publication of your manuscripts or books in a suitable journal of choice. Securing our services may ensure professional editing, proofreading, formatting, timely submission, and peer review defence process smooth and easy.

Aim of providing this service

The main aim of providing this service is to help you

  1. Getting your paper published in Scopus, Web of Science, UGC Care, and SCI Indexed journals

  2. Finding suitable journals and publishers for the publication of your manuscripts and books, respectively.

  3. Addressing the reviewers' and editors' comments during the peer review process.

  4. Submitting or communicating your manuscripts to the journal of your choice.

  5. Addressing plagiarism-related issues

  6. Solving plagiarism of your content to the acceptable limit

  7. Shaping your content as per the requirement of the journals and publishers

  8. Providing expert touch to your content

  9. Shorting your content and making it publishable

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