We are a group of scientific professionals who provide editing, writing and proofreading services for scientific documents like Patents, research and review articles, editorials, mini-reviews, theses, dissertation reports, and project proposals. We provide consultancy to Bachelor, Master and Ph. D. Scholars for timely completion of their dissertation and thesis works.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people equipped with the skills, and to achieve their goals, supported with the error free presentation of their literature, resume, testimonials, books, novels, essays, editorials, synopsis, annual reports, website content etc. within a reasonable time frame and at affordable cost.

Working culture

Our work culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that create a positive atmosphere inside the organization. The workplace cultures, employee behaviours and company policies are complementary. Employee attitude, work-life balance, growth opportunities and job satisfaction are our topmost priorities.

Our mentors

Our mentors hold the highest post in our organizational setting. All of them are extremely experienced and talented. They guide and advise us, influencing our personal and professional growth and shaping our focus to achieve our mission.

Organizational structure

The arrangement of our organization is structured according to the job responsibilities and ranking of the employees. It helps us ensure the proper functioning of VJ EdiTER. Its key elements are work design, departmentalization, administration and management. Our team includes science experts, scientists and editors.

WHat we have served

We have been working since 2015 and have provided publication support for publishing in journals of repute. More than 18 research projects supported by us have been published in eight SCI and Scopus-indexed journals.

Terms and conditions

Ultimate customer service is our prime objective; however, keeping international rules and regulations in mind, customers must abide by specific terms and conditions if they visit our website (https://www.vjediter.com).


Concrete policies are important to comply with the laws of different countries, to build trust with your clients and customers, to fulfil the requirements of third parties, to evade costly legal battles, to ensure consistent profit, to avoid unwanted loss in the expensive legal battels and to avoid the risks. Should you required to know about our policies. Please go through our privacy and cookies policies we have declared on our website.